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CRM referred as Customer Relationship Management is commonly used technique of dealing with organization's communication with their consumers and sales department. This consists of implementing effective tech solutions to set up and execute business operations mainly in sales field and also for promotional activities, client service as well as providing excellent tech support. The key objectives are to find out, entice and earn new customers. It also aims at maintaining relations with old clients and minimizing organization's expenses on marketing.

CRM Software, or Customer Relationship Management Software, is special software programs basically intended to assist enterprises take care of their customer details as well as to have a clear picture of sales. For many people CRM software is a program design to store and manage customer information, but in real term the concept of CRM is vast.

It is correct that the primary motive of CRM software is to aid enterprises in managing consumer information, but it also includes many other kind of features. Normally there are three basic features in CRM software. The first is the contact management allowing enterprises to arrange and handle their huge customer data, monitor each and every related communication, and execute regular follow ups. The second is SFA, regarded as sales force automation that features all the concept of Contact Management added with ability to monitor sales prospects, evaluate all connected correspondence and provide associated reports. The third part includes the capabilities of previous two in addition to ability of monitoring invoices, including accounting element, preparing order details and much more. In short CRM software empowers an enterprise by offering the ability to manage the customer information in the most efficient way and maintaining long lasting relation with them, thus opening more sales opportunities. It also provides a clear understanding of leads and its conversion.

Before implementing the CRM software system the enterprise should analyze their requirements, otherwise the program may increase the expenses. Each business has unique requirement, if the business need to manage its huge customer info in a systematic manner then Contact Management will do the task. SFA module will be suitable for sales based firms for monitoring all client communications and activities, keeping track on sales procedure and routines. Large enterprises may go for entire CRM system and can even customize the program based on their requirements in specific area.

Our Solutions

Infinix ERP - Making Your Business More Powerful

The CRM Module of Infinix ERP is an effective lead management and sales automation application. It consists of the following features:

  • Account Management
  • Contact Management
  • Lead Management
  • Sales Management
  • Service Call Management
  • Travel Expenses Management
  • Sales Execution Form
  • Creation of Custom Views

Customization can be done as per the client's specification. The application is also available on subscription basis with pay and use module. Visit for more details.

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